A Deep Dive Into 23°AD

This year we’re getting to know the people behind the brands, with a series of blogs introducing you to our 2019 exhibitors. We’ve asked some of the world’s most creative minds what inspires them the most, and what they brought to designjunction 2019.

In this post we speak to 23°AD, who are specialists in making hand-blown glass products, ranging from sculptures to lights, lamps, chandeliers and decanters. 

What inspires your designs?

Most of my designs are inspired from the nature but my recent work is based on women empowerment and female body forms. Her new range of work is based on women ‘s freedom which she still finds missing in the Indian culture that she’s coming from. Since childhood she has always been suppressed on what to say, how to behave and even her career choices. She wants every woman to be given that freedom to blossom the way she wants instead of being taught on every small step.

What is your favourite product you’ll be showcasing at designjunction and why?

My favorite product is The Blossom as it is like a symbol representing women ‘s freedom as growing up in India I have always felt necessary.

Describe your brand’s style in 3 words

My brand style is Bold, contemporary and with a narrative.

Why did you exhibit at designjunction 2019?

To promote my brand and the narrative behind it.

What did you show visitors at the show this year?

Visitors can expect the glass art forms that have not been visualized before, some unique contemporary artwork.

What advice do you have for a designer just starting out?

keep true to yourself and focus on your vision.

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