Bioknit Pavilion

MuDD Architects and Designer Jane Scott

MuDD Architects and Jane Scott team up at the Bioknit pavilion, demonstrating how new textile architecture manufacturing techniques can integrate colour, materials and form seamlessly into a knitted Pavilion that will be located in Cubitt Park for designjunction.

The design of the Pavilion applies biomimetic principles derived from plant growth models to the development of highly functionalised textile materials. Using knitted fabric as a material system the design explores how principles of differential growth can be used to generate a complex, 3D fabric with integrated components as a sustainable solution for lightweight hybrid constructions. 

In nature, plant tissue grows from individual cells into varied forms using the process of differential growth. Growth rates fluctuate through genetic control and in response to the local environment. The outcomes are diverse; consider for example, the huge variety of flower shapes and leaf forms observed across different species of plants. Although the resulting plant morphologies are highly complex, these forms are produced by changing patterns of cell division and differentiation and this can be documented using image processing and computational modelling.

Knitting is an inherently sustainable approach to manufacturing. It is unique in the way that it is generated from individual loops of yarn, intermeshed with those around it through repeated patterns of knitted stitches to produce a continuous and interconnected surface. Using knitting, specific materials can be placed exactly where required to produce the necessary function and form. By applying plant growth models to the design of knitted fabric complex 3D form can be generated as a continuous surface with no waste.

The Pavilion demonstrates how a bioinspired approach can be applied using CNC knitting as a sustainable solution for lightweight, hybrid constructions.

The Bioknit Pavilion has been designed as a soft space for Cubitt Park and as a tactile experience for visitors to engage with. This Bright eye-catching knitted architecture is intriguing from a far, but up close the detailing in colour, texture and softness are revealed, presenting the intimacy of clothing at an architectural scale.

The pavilion brings together Stephanie Chaltiel from MuDD Architects with expertise in fabric formwork with the specialist knit designer Jane Scott. The Pavilion was knitted using CNC knit technology at The University of Leeds. designjunction will be the first time the pavilion is exhibited, after London Design Festival the Pavilion will travel to Barcelona and Dubai. Thanks to the bespoke textile skin and inflatable technology the hybrid construction is both lightweight, easy to assembly and manufactured using recycled materials.

Bioknit will be used for expo 2020 in Dubai to be coated with the drone spray technique and become a permanent housing prototype.

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