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Actiu: 50 years of innovation.

For 50 years Actiu has specialised in the design and manufacture of furniture for workspaces, contract and airports. Its constant reinvestment in technology, sustainable growth, a focus on the local region, the incorporation of design in all processes and the firm’s internationalisation are just some of the key facts to its successful presence in 90 countries globally.


– Design, Going beyond aesthetics

Design goes beyond aesthetics: innovation, space and furniture go hand in hand to create more friendly, comfortable and motivating environments for people: environments that are fresher, more dynamic, creative, ergonomic and functional.

Receiving the 2017 National Design Award represents the recognition of an entire business philosophy in which design is part of our DNA, as we apply it in every facet of the company: products, architecture, projects, brand, communication, workspaces…

Its president and founder was awarded European Entrepreneur of the Year at the European Business Awards, and the company received the National Design Award 2017 from the Kings of Spain.

In 2011 Actiu was also the first European company in the sector to receive the Leed Gold certificate, which it has recently managed to improve to the highest level (Leed Platinum) while initiating the process of obtaining the Well certification, also for the Actiu Technology Park facilities.

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