Juliana Loveday

Venue/Stand Number The Canopy

I work out of the London Print Studio, (an artist-run, not-for-profit artists studio, in the heart of West London), and my main Studio at The Digswell Arts Trust, a 60 year old organisation devoted to supporting artists and emerging new talent.


I believe in making aesthetically beautiful, thoughtful works to create a sense of wellbeing in people’s living spaces.

The materials and execution are as important to me as the work itself. In the making process, every detail is looked at; the quality of the paper, the vibrancy of a single colour, the clarity of a line. In design, the drawing is often just the beginning of the idea. In the studio, materials can be the whole idea and lead the way, even the smallest discovery can generate a whole new series of work.

I like my clients to use the artwork in a way that works for them, I give options on colour and sizing in my bespoke work to allow them to create beautiful, unique environments in their homes that are personal and meaningful to them.

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