NAM ceramic works

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They design every product that has its own concept and a story. If you imagine music or movies when using our product, you gain more value than its usability.


Between Studio and Factory – The focus of our direction is to produce ceramics that only benefit from both handicrafts and mass production. We aim at the middle point between studio and factory. This means small quantity batch production and our vision that we entirely research originality and creativity for ceramics.

We entirely develop and research sustainable design. If ceramic products are essentially needed for our lives, we will make it last long. This is to consider rationally and beautifully sustainable use.

Story on and Sustainable for CeramicsWe design sustainable ceramic products that have its own stories. Our design starts with playful stories and we pursue every product with eternal beauty. This is our motto that products are sustainable with various stories.

Every product of NAM ceramic works has different concepts and stories by following its categories.
We have been approaching production methods with various ways to deliver the concepts to customers. Although our goods are on a mass production basis, we consider materials and process to fit each product.

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