Elena Xanthopoulou

Venue/Stand Number Cubitt House

Furniture and objects inspired from natural material beauty combined with geometrical and symmetrical shapes. Greek natural materials such as wood marble and types of metal all that have been through slight alterations only to enhance their natural gift.


Merged with influences from various movements this distinguished furniture and beautifully shaped objects preserve and transmit a sense of discreetness and elegance enhancing corners and spaces.

Balance and equality in our surroundings are transmitted into extruded shapes and occasionally softer mirrored forms adding style and sophistication to our living environments.

All materials are sourced in Greece since its very rich especially marble being one of the main materials. Thus enhancing the development of the production from small businesses that are much needed to stay alive since a part of the products are made by hand.

Finely designed furniture and objects combined with the benefit that natural materials successfully offer a sense of earthy and tamed environment, one to feel comfortable and relaxed to spend our long lost time.

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