Mountain & Molehill

Venue/Stand Number The Canopy

Created with a sense of anthropomorphic wit I source Victorian and Edwardian animal etchings which I edit and collage to create contemporary designs.


Ideas often come from my anthropomorphic take in the images I find in the old encyclopaedias I collect.  Classic children’s literature has led to work that is popular for children’s rooms while retaining an intelligent and humorous adult style for a nostalgic touch in the living room

All of my shades are produced with a story in mind and a desire to raise a smile from a moment of nostalgia and recognition. The mix of Victorian illustrations with the stylish monochrome of the designs means that they are equally suited to a classic home or a modern flat making them an excellent lighting choice for most tastes. 

A range of lampshades which are more than just appealing lighting. I start by creating a beautiful stand-alone print then adjust it to make the design work in the round of a shade. From here the customer can use the light source to highlight the aspects of the shade they love the most.

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