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We create beautiful, sustainable, ergonomically engineered acoustic solutions for commercial and public interiors. With over 30 years’ experience, We Design Silence sets a new standard when it comes to acoustics and interiors. Modular in design, our pioneering high-performance products work together effortlessly to create comfortable, acoustically balanced workspaces.


Since the company was founded back in 1984, we have firmly held a commitment to innovation. Our ideas and designs combine high performance acoustic technology with ecological and ergonomic research. The result is a collection of cutting-edge furniture, partitions and panels that can transform any space.

High-performance, scalable, customisable, eco-friendly and flexible. Our innovations anticipate future challenges that face the workplace and set a new standard for comfort.

We Design Silence is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of ergonomically engineered and beautifully designed acoustic products. Backed by over 30 years’ experience in acoustic technology, these high performance and pioneering products are ideal for office environments and public spaces.


Creating private, quiet and calming spaces is a vital component of effective interior design. Our collections combine incredible acoustic performance and breath-taking aesthetics to suit a wide range of different environments.

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