Majeda Clarke

Venue/Stand Number The Canopy

Woven Textile Artist. Cockpit Arts


The human hand can make beauty but not perfection.

“I make beautiful pieces but it’s the imperfections that make them unique, the flaws that give them value. Its how we know that they have been made by hands not machines. It’s how we celebrate the identity of the maker”.

Weaving can sustain local communities, tell stories and remind us of the value of making. It is a vanishing tradition where beautiful things take time to make and builds on the skills of a past generation. A crafted piece can be cherished forever.

Inspired by her own cultural background, Majeda’s designs celebrate regional weave techniques and the identity of the maker. Whether in small batch production or entirely handmade she seeks sustainable, local production. All the designs deconstruct the geometry of weave whilst colour and pattern are reconsidered in a fresh modern approach.

Whether you choose beautiful sheer Jamdani cotton and silk muslin handmade in Dhaka; woven blankets from a mill in Wales or silk jacquard woven in Suffolk; originality and quality are always considered.

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