Object Studio

Venue/Stand Number Cubitt House

Object Studio bridges the gap between the creative world of design and the technological world of manufacture. Our products are both designed and manufactured from our studio and workshops in east London.


We are a dynamic design, craft and manufacture team based entirely in London.

Our creative vision is of constant innovation through combining traditional craftsmanship techniques with contemporary design and manufacture processes, inspired by external and internal artistic inputs

Object Studio emerged from a traditional background, with founder Tom Vaughan training in cabinet making before continuing his education in contemporary product design at the Royal College of Art

We have grown around Tom’s experience into a small team of highly skilled craftspeople with extensive experience and capabilities, comfortable working with a range of materials at our London workshop

Core to our approach is reinvestment in the wider craft and design community – demonstrated through our university internships programme and our learning of new techniques (recognised this year through an award from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust for craftsmanship)

The majority of our work to date has been collaborating with a selective group of private galleries and designers. Our most recent work builds on this experience to showcase our own designs, which demonstrate the most current and interesting design techniques and manufacture processes

In order to push our boundaries and creativity we are constantly looking for new partners, commissions, spaces and materials for collaboration

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