Modus Furniture

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Modus is an award-winning British brand who design and produce intelligent, functional and inspiring contemporary furniture.


Our mission is to create the very best furniture in terms of design, quality and durability that enhances life today without compromising tomorrow.
We have been manufacturing beautifully designed furniture since the year 2000, working with a crowd of established and emerging design talent to create a diverse range of award-winning pieces united by their superb quality and the strength of their design.

We manufacture all our upholstery and joinery from start to finish in our production facility in South Somerset, working with a skilled team of craftspeople who take great pride in their work. We have a showroom in Clerkenwell and a network of dealers worldwide. 

We operate an honest pricing policy, charging straightforward prices for superbly made products with complete transparency about how we arrive at our prices. We are a business-to-business company, If you are interested in any of our ranges we will put you in touch with the most appropriate dealer who will, in turn, charge you an honest price.


The Power of Design
We work with some of the world’s most talented designers to create beautiful products that enhance people’s lives. We make quality products that are designed to last, with a focus on design and function that will withstand the test of time.

The Importance of Quality
We source the best materials and the finest craftspeople, combining digital technology with exquisite hand finishing, taking great pride in our products and the people who make them.

The Value of Integrity
We cultivate relationships based on trust, openness, and an innate sense of fairness. We nurture long-term relationships; many of our clients, suppliers and employees have been with us since our beginning.

The Advantages of Working Together to Protect Our Planet
We are committed to preventing and minimising our environmental impact and have clear goals to ensure we stay on track. Our aim is not only to minimise our negative impact but to maximise our positive impact on people and planet. As much as possible we aim to operate in a circular way, using a minimum of energy and materials, keeping our products in use as long as possible and creating a minimum of waste. Step by step, we are moving ever towards more circular practice.

The Potential to Leave the World A Better Place
Our goal is to create a positive legacy for coming generations: We will always tread lightly so as not to compromise the future.

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