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Design House Stockholm is the publishing house for Scandinavian design. Our collection represents the best of contemporary Scandinavian design, future design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends.


We like to compare ourselves to a book publisher, and you have surely heard us mention the concept of creative magnetism, which is the basis of our identity: conversations and encounters with designers and makers are the pillars of our operation. Knowledge, experiences and perspectives from different areas coalesce, and in the best cases, the ideas evolve into something new and exciting. Creative magnetism is about attractiveness and ingenuity.

We have distinguished ourselves as a publisher of design rather than a conventional producer, working in the same way with designers that publishing houses work with authors. Rather than selecting a designer to make a specific product, all designers are invited to bring their personal ideas. Some of these ideas are selected for development and production. We look for products that add something new to their genre. Products with personality and character.

With timeless charisma and a level of quality that outlives fleeting trends, the collection represents the best of contemporary Scandinavian design. Just as a book publisher works with its authors, Design House Stockholm collaborates with a network comprising some 70 designers.

Ideas evolve into products, which are sold via approximately 800 retailers worldwide, including four wholly owned stores and two franchises. Design House Stockholm was founded in 1992 by Anders Färdig and is currently one of the leading brands in Scandinavian design. 

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