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TON manufacture furniture in Bystřice pod Hostýnem, using a manual bending technique that began in 1861. They develop this unique technique and combine it with contemporary designers’ thoughts. Their tables and chairs have become synonymous with quality and innovative shapes.


Together with designers we refresh traditional manufacturing procedures with new shapes, while the famous quality stays unaffected. It is noticed not only by customers from 60 countries, but also by committees of prestigious design competitions.

More than 150 years ago, the first pieces of bentwood furniture were created by craftsmen in Bystřice pod Hostýnem. The town with a strategic location was chosen as a place suitable for another of Michael Thonet ́s factories. His principles of bending were adopted by TON in 1953 after several changes of property rights and company names.

Every single wood piece is unique. It needs different time for absorbing steam and then different time for drying. Although TON has implemented modern machinery to the manufacturing process; some operations done manually can never be substituted. It is only man who is capable of insetting wood full of saturated steam into a mold.

Heart is not only what we put into our work; we give it to others, too. In the long term, we support non-profit organisations and charitable events. We also co-operate with schools, projects and cultural institutions.

Our products have lent support to Vánoční Bazar v Mokré Čtvrti, Naděje Zlín, Stonoška, Denní stacionář pro seniory Oblastní charity, Srdcerváči and the opera, Jakobín at the National Theatre. In addition, we also collaborate with universities, where we support projects focusing on design and provide students with the materials necessary for use in their creative work.

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