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At Monc we design products that support true craftsmanship and quality. Our first range is a selection of eyewear, handmade in Italy using artisanal manufacturing techniques. Our designs are influenced by the creative neighbourhoods that inspire and interest the most.


A British brand with a distinct design outlook. MONC was founded in London, by British designer Freddie Elborne with an aim to celebrate the creative process and the people behind it.

Having become disenfranchised with the modern throwaway culture, MONC represents a new era in which quality, provenance and ethical production methods are of the same importance to the aesthetics of the finished item.


As a brand, we want to celebrate the design process, and the people behind it, by creating well-crafted products designed for the everyday. When seeking out a component for our products, our highest considerations are craftsmanship, total quality and ethics. We believe that these are the elements that go into making a product that lasts a lifetime.

We are proud in knowing that the products that we design and make support international artisanal makers while creating something that is desirable to our end customer. Transparent manufacturing, timeless design, and individual style are elements that we strive for with every piece produced – resulting in beautifully considered and functional products.


For each collection, MONC takes inspiration from creative neighbourhoods from around the world – seeking out the journeys of the independent designers and makers in each region who share a collective passion for design, manufacture and production. Our aim was to capture the essence of each place’s character within the frames, and so a story of curation is included with each purchase.

The result is a unisex selection of five frames designed to fit all variations of face shape, crafted by artisans from the highest quality materials while fulfilling our core ethical values.

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