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Bruzzoni is a Swedish design company passionate making bathroom electronics better looking! Be proud of your bathroom electronics. Let them be a part of your interior design, and take them with you when you travel.

Behind the Brand

When Krister Mossberg, founder and chairman of Bruzzoni,lived in Milan, she saw all these design brands at Galleria Emanuele and Corso Como, and she started to think about how she could combine Italian design with Scandinavian quality. Too many electronic brands focus solely on the technology of their product and completely disregard the look. They never really could figure out why, so they’re making a line of electronics for the bathroom that’s not only technically advanced, but also really easy on the eyes.

Swedish design and technology meets Italian Luxury, and it all comes together in a toothbrush that you will feel proud about owning.
After several focus groups and after talking to retailers, they learned what the customer looked for – and missed – when buying bathroom electronics.
Less wires, Portable products, Better design, Easy to clean, Easy to charge, Chargeable by USB.

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