MUAR diseño

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MUAR diseño is a design studio established in Montevideo – Uruguay, created in 2011 by designers Federico Mujica and Carolina Arias.
Our projects include furniture design, residential and commercial interior design.

Inside the Studio

We design spaces, objects, experiences, images, ways of living…

In MUAR Diseño we work in the development of projects related to different design areas, such as interior architecture, product design, furniture design, and commercial and residential interior design. We believe we can improve the quality of life of people and our tool is Design!

Our daily work is to resolve situations ranging from small interventions like hanging a picture or reorganize a small space, to the generation of integrated projects covering architecture, interior design and furniture, always focused on the needs and desires of our customers.

These projects are our source of inspiration for the design of furniture that then will be developed for the sale of licenses.

All products are manufactured by local craftspeople in small workshops in Montevideo – Uruguay.

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