Scin Gallery

Venue/Stand Number Cubitt Park

We are a materials sourcing and advisory gallery. We find new materials and show them to architects, designers and specifiers in an inspirational and informative way.

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This is no ordinary Gallery

We are a materials Sourcing and Advisory Company. We find new materials and show them to Architects, Designers and Specifiers in an inspirational and informative way.

Each Gallery both Permanent and Mobile is designed to present Curated Global Materials from the Individual original thinker to the laboratories and think tanks of some of the largest research establishments. We have anything from the common brick (well almost) to the meta material grown by scientists. Our Material Collections and Research touches on the future, debates the truly sustainable and welcomes the beautiful.

Our Materials have no commercial boundaries. Our Doors welcome all those with a curiosity and need to find something Materially different. And we love to learn from our visitors too.

We are an Independent, Connected, Voice of Authority There is no such thing as ordinary nor the need for round pegs to fit in round holes, however there is need for solutions. Materials play an important role in all aspects of Design and we tell their stories.

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