Béton Brut

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Béton Brut is inspired by the Brutalist architectural movement known for its use of common materials, social idealism, and longevity. French for “raw concrete”, our name speaks to the inherit beauty and honesty of the supplies we use. We believe in keeping our materials simple and sincere, relying on the integrity of our workmanship to uncover the richness and splendor that is already there.

Each Béton Brut piece is unique and made by hand, with careful attention to detail and quality. Our jewelry is made with a specially developed cement mixture, refined through lengthy and rigorous testing, and altered by a selection of aggregates, concrete pigments, and other additives. Our concrete is prepared in small batches and poured into handmade moulds. Each piece is hand-polished before being sealed with an archival wax designed for longevity. Every resulting creation is enduring and timeless, with a pattern of colour and semi-precious stones that is as unique as its wearer.

Inside The Brand

Béton Brut was founded by industrial designer Amanda Nogier to inspire an ownership of our surroundings and show how developing a deep connection to our local spaces can spark a desire to protect them and make them better. Through her line of one-of-a-kind jewellery and furniture, she endeavours to provoke that, just a little, by showing the limitless possibilities of one of the most commonly encountered urban materials: concrete.

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