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We founded Dashel Helmets as we saw a gap in the market for an urban cycle helmet made with the same qualities that drew us to the bikes and accessories that we love:

Provenance, craftsmanship and premium materials.

Made In England

Dashel is manufactured in the UK, at a family-owned factory in Cornwall. It has a carbon-fibre shell which keeps the construction lightweight. The shell is hand-moulded, so the quality control is excellent. The more we sell, the more people we’ll hire.

Dashel means thistle in Cornish
. The thistle is one of Cornwall’s native flowers: As it’s colourful and protective, we decided to take it as our brand-name.

Long lasting

Most cycle helmets need replacing every 2-5 years, as the liner degrades over time but Dashel’s liner is made from a multi-impact foam which will last for decades – knocks and drops when off the bike don’t damage it.

The Design Process

Since we came up with the idea in 2012 it has taken years of engineering to complete Dashel’s design. In 2015 we employed Map the industrial design consultancy, founded by Barber & Osgerby, to hone Dashel’s distinctive profile and perfect the venting and fit.

In 2016 Dashel was featured in the exhibition Cycle Revolution at The Design Museum.

Dashel will launch with its full range at Design Junction. We hope that Dashel is an urban helmet that you’ll enjoy wearing and having on display in your home.

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