Friends | Founders

Venue/Stand Number Cubitt House

Friends & Founders┬┤ work is influenced by geometric shapes
and strong silhouettes. The striving for the perfect balance
in things and natural sense for materials, colours, shapes and
detailing characterise the designs .
– Contemporary design with a strong focus on architecture,
art and craft.


The philosophy of Friends & Founders is spreading to all parts of the world. We make new friends every day, and it’s a great pleasure to follow the results of these new collaborations.

The diversity of projects and installations are wide, which is exactly what we hoped it would be. People are using Friends & Founders´ products to support their own personal universe or company identity.

Today the collection is stronger than ever. A firm decision to manufacture locally in Scandinavia and Europe turned out to be a wise choice. It has allowed us to manage the craft behind the manufacture of products. And with that control we can be flexible and ready to deliver on our clients’ special requirements. 

Our products are developed to meet the demands for the contract market and that is an advantage even for our retail customers who get a guarantee of quality and durability. The designer’s ability to integrate both architectural and artistic elements into functional furniture and objects is a rare skill. And our designer does it without sacrificing the many practical features in each product.

That’s why people are often amazed at the possibilities of the collection. Once we get to work together closely with our customers and users, a new world of opportunities opens up and new ideas come to life. Collaborations like these underline the “Friends” in our name. We highly appreciate the fact that it is not only about us (the “Founders”) but what we can accomplish together.

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