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Founded in 1990 by Domei Endo in Tokyo; the company explore atmospheric lighting and source inspiration from the natural world. Due to high demand overseas, DI CLASSE products are now available in 12 countries including major cities London and Paris.


– People and Places – Reminiscent of a journey to Arles, South France

Domei takes inspiration from European scenes and aspects, but fuses with Japanese vision and intellect. He re-evaluates simple and often forgotten ideas. DI CLASSE’s popular Arles lamp is a contemporary yet nostalgic design, born after an encounter with an elegant woman holding her hat in the French breeze.

Arles Table Lamp is available in variety of colours. Current collection includes Black, White, Grey, Mint, Berry, Oriental Blue and British Green. Mastard and Scarlet were added in 2018.

– Bringing Nature Indoors

Lighting is something more important that just illuminating. Designer Domei plays with light and shadow, taking inspiration from natural forms. It is the traditional Japanese philosophy to embrace and adapt natural phenomena to your everyday life; DI CLASSE invites you to bring the outdoors in.

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