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KAZbrella is a British designed, worldwide patented, revolutionary, reverse folding umbrella. It is the only umbrella in the world that turns its frame completely inside out.
When open, it is designed to look like the classic umbrella shape but when closed, it uniquely turns the wet side of the canopy in on itself. It is therefore, dry to handle and prevents residual water dripping on the floor.


The KAZbrella is the culmination of 10 years of research and development. The inventor, Jenan Kazim first had the idea for the KAZbrella during a conversation with his mother-in-law. He has since spent many hours developing his ideas, perfecting his unique design and creating countless prototypes. The aim was to design a completely new mechanism, whilst remaining true to the aesthetic look of the classic umbrella. The KAZbrella has featured on both BBC’s ‘Dragons Den’ and CNBC’s ‘Make Me A Millionaire Inventor’. In May 2015, the KAZbrella was unveiled on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding website and it was funded over 10 times the original target. We will always be grateful for the support of our backers, which made it possible for us to bring this unique product to the market.

The Technology
• Patented reverse opening frame and tensioning technology.
• Over 50 bespoke components designed and developed in Great Britain.
• Aeroelastic technology – movable tips for optimal wind performance. In the unlikely event the KAZbrella is blown inside out, it’s not a problem. With a click of the patented button and mechanism, the KAZbrella returns to its original, open position.
• Hydrophobic coated canopy enabling the water to bead and roll off the canopy surface.
The Benefits of the KAZbrella:
• Thanks to its patented technology, the KAZbrella opens inside out. There have been many attempts to achieve this but no other umbrella has succeeded in inverting the frame. The wet side of the canopy is contained on the inside when closed. It is therefore dry to handle and can be placed on surfaces without them getting wet.
• Getting in and out of your car in the rain is not a problem as you can close the KAZbrella into the smallest gap of a car door, whilst remaining dry.
• Any residual water can be retained within the canopy until it is convenient to shake out and allow it to dry.
• It is easy to open and close in confined spaces. The best way to open the KAZbrella is by holding it up vertically and as the KAZbrella opens up and over the user, it avoids the danger of poking anyone the eye! Perfect for crowded situations.

“It is in our nature as human beings to improve things. When I see something wrong in design, I need to find a solution to try and fix it. This faulty umbrella design has been with us for 3,000 years, and we can do better,” Jenan Kazim (Inventor).

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