KAZbrella – ‘The Ultimate Umbrella’

The KAZbrella is an innovative reverse folding umbrella.

The unique folding mechanism ensures that when the KAZbrella is closed, the user is left with a dry side to handle. The KAZbrella prevents dripping on the floor and the waterproof coating holds the small amount of residual water until it is a convenient time for the user to leave it open to dry.

Their new range introduces limited edition prints ‘Jazz’ and ‘Kaleidoscope’ designed by Textile Designer Wendy Kazim. These vibrant, bespoke designs stretch over the innovative frame of the KAZbrella.

Made of the strongest quality materials, with an aluminium shaft and a mixture of carbon fibre and fibre glass spokes, the London Evening Standard have labelled it ‘the ultimate umbrella’.

For Black Friday KAZbrella are offering a 20% discount on their range with the promotional code: BLACK2017.

Visit their website to find out more.

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