designjunction showcases the very best in furniture, lighting and product design from around the world during the annual London Design Festival. The 2017 event attracted more than 28,000 visitors over five days on and around Granary Square in King’s Cross.

Taking place across five destinations including Cubitt House and Cubitt Park, The Canopy, Granary Square and The Crossing – a mix of global furniture, lighting, accessory, material and technology brands exhibited alongside pop-up shops, installations, and interactive features. designjunction presents more than 200 of the world’s most iconic design brands to the world’s leading design professionals. It’s a junction connecting the industry – a place to meet, do business and be inspired.

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‘The King’s Cross site is the perfect mix of grittiness and shininess, simultaneously a symbol of London’s industrial and engineering past and the creative present.’

Edwin Heathcote, Financial Times

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“King’s Cross is one of the fastest changing areas in central London. A part of town that used to be formerly industrial buildings is now swiftly becoming a buzzing hub for modern offices and state of the art residential blocks, courtesy of its developers”

Wallpaper Magazine

dj2018_Granary Square_Turkish Ceramics_112
dj18_Granary Square_39_Renault
dj18_The Canopy_01
dj18_The Canopy_101
dj18_Granary Square_Campari_12
dj2018_Granary Square_Turkish Ceramics_128
dj18_The Canopy_84_Kickstarter_Dorothy_Junction
dj2018_Granary Square_Renault_15
dj2018_Granary Square_Turkish Ceramics_Bloomon_3
dj2018_VIP Room_35
IMG_5517 2
dj18_Signage_27_The Canopy
dj18_Cubitt House-First Floor_131_VIP
dj2018_Box Office_Signage_22
dj2018_Box Office_Signage_24
dj2018_Cubitt House_Ground Floor_42_Marset
dj2018_Box Office_Signage_13
dj18_The Canopy_148_Swiss Arts
dj2018_Granary Square_Renault_23
dj18_Signage_51_The Crossing
dj18_The Canopy_134_Swiss Arts
dj2018_Cubitt House_Ground Floor_19_Artifact
dj2018_Cubitt House_Ground Floor_02_Ines_DiClasse
REW_9133 copy
dj2018_Cubitt Park_21_Ober
dj18_Cubitt House-First Floor_41_Design House Stockholm
dj2018_Cubitt House_Ground Floor_29
dj18_The Canopy_90_Tom PIgeon