Dyslexic Design

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Jim Rokos

designjunction supports dyslexia in design with a curated exhibition to fundraise for the British Dyslexia Association

designjunction was delighted to play host to Dyslexic Design – an exhibition which celebrated the connection between dyslexia and creativity. The project, in support of the British Dyslexia Association, showcased more than 10 dyslexic designers’ work over five days during the London Design Festival.

The Dyslexic Design exhibition, curated by one of the UK’s leading designers Jim Rokos, challenged perceptions of dyslexia by accentuating the positive effects of living with dyslexia and its close association with design in a bid to remove the stigma sometimes associated with it.

More than 10 leading designers from multiple design disciplines including product, fashion, illustration, home decor and fine art – all of whom are dyslexic – showcased their work in a stunning temporary curated exhibition on Granary Square. The house on Granary Square was transformed into a spectacular micro-exhibition by celebrated interior designer Ab Rogers.

Ab Rogers #djKX



“It is my belief that I am able to design the way I do, because of my dyslexia and not despite it, I also firmly believe that other dyslexic designers have idiosyncratic styles because of their dyslexia.”

Dyslexic Design exhibition founder Jim Rokos.

Pendant Light
Rohan Chhabra

”I am delighted designjunction shares my vision and desire to remove the unwanted and unwarranted stigma sometimes associated with dyslexia and in doing so change perceptions of it. We believe dyslexia is something that drives and inspires creative thought and design.“

Deborah Spencer, Managing Director, designjunction